I offer free MT4EA, EA building software and FX system trade. "Oishi style FX system trade theory"

I offer free MT4EA, EA building software and FX system trade.


"Oishi style FX system trade theory" is a web site that shows the research FX system trade theory through EA (Expert Advisor) of Meta Trader MT4. You can see the results of our research and information.

Moreover, we developed the original EA and distribute it for free. It's totally free and you don't need to prepare a designated account. You can start to use it immediately.

If you want to know about FX system trade theory, please check out this page.
Can you make a profit by using FX system trade?
Oishi style FX system trade theory. The 5S of FX system trade.

If you want to avoid dealing with difficult things and make a profit by using FX, read how to do so below. It's not hard, just 3 easy steps.

Step1. Preparing an FX account

ou need a stockbroker's account for FX trade. EA that we distribute doesn't set up any specific stockbroker's account, so you can use any account like one you already have.

Step2. Preparing Mete Trader MT4

I will introduce how to download Meta Trader and backtesting method here. You should do back testing before starting FX system trade with EA. Back testing means simulating a trade using past date chart. If you use this function, you can optimize EA.

After back testing, start a system trade with EA. Read the tips for safe management, too.
How to use Meta Trader The system trade method

Step3. Preparing EA

The system trade software for Meta Trader is called EA (Expert Adviser). You need EA for a system trade. We developed the original EA and distribute it for free.

There are so many kinds of EA around world. I have researched various EA's including free, pay for, Japanese, and foreign versions. As a result, I found there is not a lot of profit making logic. All of them are similar.

I researched the best way to make a profit, make a strategy, and developed EA based on the research. Mine is free but we are sure it's higher-quality than some charged ones. You should use it.
Oishi style EA free distribution

My EA users told us they wanted more flexibility, but the more flexibility it has, the more difficulty beginners feel.

So we decided that we offer EA building software that is more flexible while we keep distributing the free EA. This software gives easy, flexible EA building environment to the people who want more flexibility.

The remarkable point about it is it is royalty-free. The EA you make with this software is YOURS, so you can sell or distribute if you want. The "Strategy Selector" page explains the detail about it.
Just select a strategy; you can make your EA within 10 seconds. "Strategy selector"

Enjoy your FX life!!

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