You can make an EA within 10 seconds! Strategy Selector. "Oishi style FX system trade theory"

Strategy Selector

Do you have any of the following problems?

I want to make a portfolio, but EAs on the market are very expensive and I can't afford to buy many EAs...

Free EAs' parameter has a limit...

I know EA building software is sold, but I don't know how to compose indicators, so it should be difficult to use it...

Building EA service is really expensive, so I don't want to use it...

I did have such problems before. I finally made my original EA by myself because I have some programming experiences, but probably it's so tough to make it in busy days for people who don't have such experiences.

I made easy EA building software for such people. This is the starting image.

You can make an EA within 10 seconds! Strategy Selector

It makes trade logic automatically after you select one of nine strategies.

There are so many kinds of EA around world. I have researched various EA including free ones, charged ones, Japanese ones and foreign ones. As a result, I found there is not a lot of making-profit logic. All of them are similar.

I studied them and made these nine logics as the base of EA. It's much more efficient than combining indicators to make logic yourself. Even if you make it irresponsibly, you can see a steadily increasing equity curve.

If you are an advanced user, please use this source code as a template and customize it. I hope you will make a great one based on the result of my study.

You can combine 3 kinds of filters and 2 kinds of payment options. It means there are 288 kinds of EAs that you can make. Considering currency pairs, terms and parameters, it is very flexible. Easy but flexible, you can select a strategy... Enjoy making an EA.

Safety is the most important well-tested logic.

My EA has a time condition setting, trading stop function, and other balance condition settings, but at any rate I have set 100% loss cut.

Among the latest stockbrokers, "countdown system" that you can't set loss cut when you buy and sell currency in the mainstream, and of course, my EA can deal with it. It orders loss cut setting as soon as a product is ordered. Sometimes an error interrupts the setting, so I implemented a function that checks if loss cut is set properly and check it and order again and again until it is set properly.

My EA has a standard function that deals with various errors. You just think about optimizing trade logic.

For not only FX but also any financial product, safety is the most important.

The base of Strategy Selector is the logic that has been used for years. I offer safe and reliable logic here.

For people who want to make better versions

I found a parameter that makes a big profit when I optimized one currency pair!

I want to sell, distribute a signal or start a business.

But I can't use EA and software I bought because of the Copyright Law.

It's difficult to make a program, though...

I have heard such opinions.
So, how about this?

"Information wants to be free." By Chris Anderson

Basically, digital contents want to be shared among people. I like this sharing culture, especially sharing something to reduce beginners' stress, so I distribute free EAs.

I need development costs, commission costs and supporting fee at Strategy Selector, so I can't make Strategy Selector free, but I just want to cover such fees and don't want to make a profit by it. Please use it for your business if you want.
( Please obey the note on WEB instruction manual. )

You can do following activities.

Distributing the EA for free on my website and blog. OK!

Made a great EA, so I want sell it. OK!

Make a profit as a service charge through signal distribution service. OK!

You can be a provider. You can start a small business.

Continuation is important in business. It's tough to keep stay in business unless you like it. If your business combines pleasure and profit, it's a big fortune in this unstable age.

It's not a time to do a business with a big risk or be an enterpriser. Starting a small business through your hobby and make a profit is ideal.

A life is a portfolio!

Making a profit thorough FX or distribution of your original EA, both of them are fantastic. Try starting a business if you like FX and get used to EA. I hope this website help your business.

(I consign a sale of the software to DL-MARKET. Please purchase it at the following link.)